Sweet Scraps of Paper ~ How I Love Thee!

Sweet Scraps of Paper ~ How I Love Thee!

Oh how I love ‘Scraps of Paper’!! Little strips, long strips, circles, squares and limitless patterns in every colour oh my! However, I am always short just a piece or two to finish a project, lol, and I never throw any of it away… So, I was anxious to try a folded paper Christmas tree and knew right away, I might run into this problem.

Here’s the finished project:

Finished Christmas Tree

Here’s how I made it:

I used Studio G’s 6X6 pattern paper collection in green. This is just like using scraps of paper with one exception, it all matches and there is always enough to complete a project.

I grabbed my Tombow Mono Multi Adhesive because it bonds fast and a 12X12 green cardstock, made a 10″ Circle and cut it in half.

Studio G Paper

Next, I cut all the pattern papers into rectangles, measuring 1.75 X 3 and marked the center point at 1.5.

christmas 16a

I then folded the paper using my scoring tool as shown in the picture below;

christmas 4a

Once finished they look like this (set them aside);

christmas 5a   christmas 7a

Taking the green cardstock I made a cone shape for my Christmas tree;

christmas 9a  christmas 11a

I added double sided tape around the bottom edge and covered with a strip of Studio G’s pattern paper. I cut notches all the way around to help me fold it under for a tidy look;

christmas 12a  christmas 13a

Then the fun begins 🙂 Start gluing the triangles starting from the bottom and work your way up off-setting each layer, over lapping the last layer to hide the gluing from the previous layer and repeat to the top of the tree. Glue the last piece by wrapping it completely around the tree top sealing it off to the very tip and add some bling using the Tombow Xtreme Adhesive for a super strong bond!;

christmas 14aFinished Christmas Tree

I would love to know what you think… thanks for stopping by today 🙂 Heather


About thescrapbookguru

Hi, I 'm Heather. Scrapbooking has been my hobby for two decades! I enjoy every aspect of paper crafting and art mediums in general. I Specialize in creating custom albums. My paper passion is punch art and paper piecing. Feel free to contact me for information on creating something custom and special for you or your loved ones.
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One Response to Sweet Scraps of Paper ~ How I Love Thee!

  1. cottagerca says:

    Wow, great step by step tutorial instructions on how to make this D.I.Y. project. Tombow Mono Liquid glue is the glue of choice. Gorgeous little Christmas tree.

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