Wonderland Mason jars

Today I am sharing my Winter Wonderland Mason Jar I made. This is a class I am teaching at Michaels until December. The ideas for this craft concept are endless. The jar I made today that I am sharing is my own, the jars I am teaching at Michaels are a lot more interesting… they include actual Christmas miniatures ( here is the link to the Michaels Wonderland Jar Class Schedule ). I however love paper and wanted to make something for my blog using only paper. Here’s my jar and how I made it.

snowman jar

Starting with an empty mason jar, I used some spray adhesive to just coat the base of the jar. In order to not get any adhesive where I did not want it, I rolled up a piece of craft paper and sprayed inside the rolled paper; directing the spray directly to the bottom only. I then poured in some coarse clear glitter and rolled the jar from left to right making sure it coated all the adhesive inside.

I cut a piece of glitter blue patterned paper; to fit just inside the back of the jar and added some snowflakes and Recollection rhinestones from Michaels. I attached the patterned paper with Tombow Foam Tabs. I then sliced a white Styrofoam ball in half and glued it to the mason jar lid with Tombow Mono Multi Glue and let dry.

I added my paper pieced snowman and Christmas tree to the Styrofoam ball, by cutting a slit into the ball and a drizzle of Tombow Mono Multi Glue into the slit and adding the snowman and tree (letting it dry again).

Finally once dry, I added faux snowballs into the jar and put the lid on and turned it upside down to stand it up and voilà! I loved out it turned out!

Here are some examples of what you can make with me at Michaels when you sign up for this fun and interactive class!

57011 56781_final

Thanks for stopping by today! Heather 🙂


About thescrapbookguru

Hi, I 'm Heather. Scrapbooking has been my hobby for two decades! I enjoy every aspect of paper crafting and art mediums in general. I Specialize in creating custom albums. My paper passion is punch art and paper piecing. Feel free to contact me for information on creating something custom and special for you or your loved ones.
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