DIY Birthday Cards, Cheap? or Priceless?

Are you someone who is lucky enough to get a homemade birthday card when your birthday rolls around? I read an article a long time ago (sorry I don’t have the link), but the point of the article was that; when someone takes the time to create something special for you… it’s priceless! Whether you like it or not. Hand crafted gifts of all kinds are unique and say something very important! “You are so special and mean so much too me, that I have taken time out of my busy life to create this just for YOU!” This is a priceless gift, no matter how big or small. I still have every gift in my hope chest of all the priceless gifts and cards that family and friends have made me over the years and it reminds me how blessed I am ❤

This card was created using #Winnieandwalter stamps. The collection The Big, The Bold and The Happy This card can be purchased at My Etsy Shop. 

For those who would like to re-create the card, here’s how it was made.

Supplies you will need:

  • A Basic White Blank Card
  • A white cardstock mat to inset on the front of the card
  • 3 Balloon die-cuts in white cardstock
  • 9 Star die-cuts in various sizes in specialty paper (I used pearled glitter)
  • 12 3D Adhesive Foam Dots
  • 2 feet of choice ribbon
  • Birthday themed stamps 
  • 3 different coloured Ink pads 
  • Tombow Mono Glue (liquid)

Here’s how to create it:

  1. Stamp birthday sentiment at the bottom of inset cardstock mat.
  2. Start with stamping each balloon with the word ‘happy’ repeatedly, using a different colour of ink on each balloon. (Clean the stamps between each colour). Then smudge up the edges of each balloon with matching ink colour.
  3. Tie and glue ribbon to each balloon and set aside.
  4. Arrange and glue down Star die-cuts.
  5. Glue down flat the back 2 balloon die-cuts to center of card and use a 3D adhesive dots to pop up the 3rd balloon. Adding a tiny drop of glue to the knot to secure into place, over the sentiment.
  6. Add 3 rows of 3 -3D adhesive dots to the back of inset mat.
  7. Adhere inset mat, centred on top of card front.
  8. Decorate matching envelope with same birthday stamp set.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog share. If you create your own card, please feel free to share your link too it below in the comments or on my Facebook Group ‘ The Scrapbook Guru ‘ 

Thanks for stopping by! Heather 😊


About thescrapbookguru

Hi, I 'm Heather. Scrapbooking has been my hobby for two decades! I enjoy every aspect of paper crafting and art mediums in general. I Specialize in creating custom albums. My paper passion is punch art and paper piecing. Feel free to contact me for information on creating something custom and special for you or your loved ones.
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4 Responses to DIY Birthday Cards, Cheap? or Priceless?

  1. ava gavloski says:

    Love the design of this card. The Winnie and Walter stamp set is wonderful, The big, the bold and the happy.

  2. I really liked your intro to this; I do put a lot of time and effort into most of my cards and it’s hard to judge if things are appreciated by some.
    Lovely card, I really like the stamped balloons

    • Thank you for your comment, I am so happy you enjoyed it. Keep creating from your heart, if someone doesn’t realize the value today… they will one day when it matters most ❤ Please feel free to share your creations with me and others on my Facebook group ‘ The Scrapbook Guru ‘ 😊

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