Love You So…

Love you so… 

This card was very simple too make but so very important and emotional for me while creating. Especially because I used a double heart punch that I got from my friend MaryAnn.

More than a week ago, Heart and Stroke reached out too me and asked if I would host an All Day Scrapbook Crop in Brantford. The goal, is to do this event annually. Pam at Heart and Stroke told me that this is a very successful event in Niagara Falls and in London. I didn’t have to think long about it, so I said yes. And so…’Crop For A Cause Brantford’ was created. 

Crop For A Cause Brantford ~ In Memory Of MaryAnn Sawkins Hodgson.
The reason I didn’t have to think long… a dear friend of mine ‘MaryAnn’ died in 2009 on June 10th of a massive heart attack. She was introduced to me through my best friend Laura. MaryAnn owned and operated a Scrapbook store in St. George, Ont. called Scrapbook Heaven. She was a mother of 2 little girls and dismissed the signs of the oncoming heart attack. Sadly, this was a preventable loss of such a special life.

MaryAnn and I joked once about how busy life was and how we looked forward to being in Heaven one day, where we would Scrapbook all day everyday and get caught up on our pages and photos… I had no idea just weeks later she would have a heart attack and leave behind her family and friends. 

After receiving the request from Heart and Stroke to do the All Day Crop, I felt inspired to create a card.

I truly loved MaryAnn so… she was a kind soul and I was blessed to have known her, as was everyone who knew her. 

I reached out to our mutual friend Debbie and she booked the hall at her church for June 10th 2017. It was two days later that I realized this was the same day in 2009 when we lost MaryAnn… a coincidence? I don’t think so, divine intervention… yes, I want to believe so ❤

The purpose for today’s post… take the time to tell someone you love them. Better yet, show them! You never know what the future holds.

Thank you for stopping by today, Heather 😊



About thescrapbookguru

Hi, I 'm Heather. Scrapbooking has been my hobby for two decades! I enjoy every aspect of paper crafting and art mediums in general. I Specialize in creating custom albums. My paper passion is punch art and paper piecing. Feel free to contact me for information on creating something custom and special for you or your loved ones.
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2 Responses to Love You So…

  1. cottagerca says:

    Great post today Heather. Nice to heard the history behind this celebratory remembrance crop for Mary Ann. Calendar marked,

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