Falling In Love With Instagram

Falling In Love With Instagram

Years ago I was introduced to Instagram and created a profile because that was the thing to do. I never quite understood it and as the days turned into month and months turned into years… well, I  moved on with my busy life and never looked back. But then it happened, my little milllienial approached me with her cell phone in hand… “Mum, do you use Instagram?”

 “Use, Instagram?,..Ummm, no I don’t use Instagram” I told her. To which she started sharing cool finds on her Instagram account. My interest was poked for sure.

She then told me I had an account… “say what?”, I quickly tried logging in and presto, there I was from 3 years ago, lol. I’m honestly too young too be so forgetful, but there I sat staring at my 3 posts from 3 years ago.


I quickly put on my rose coloured glasses and gently started down the Instagram rabbit hole. Within losing my first hour on day dreaming through all the cool posts and amazing talents of other people… I was hooked! I was falling in love with Instagram. So I updated my profile picture and posted a picture of what I was working on and got on with my day. The next time I looked, I had hearts and new followers, it was so cool. I ran upstairs to tell my daughter and she wasn’t as impressed as I was… another indicator of the generation gap between us, lol

Where it gets exciting… I mentioned the Instagram rabbit hole earlier. I have found some absolutely amazing people and sites. I want to share what I am loving this week on Instagram with you. Grab your choice of sippy cup and take a stroll down the rabbit hole with me.

My first search was #Paper, it introduced me to @kartegraphik Kip, is a hand cutting extraordinaire! Check out his Instagram profile or website: http://www.kartegraphik.com/ At the moment one of his projects is knitting paper… yes, paper, I can’t wait to see the finished project, I don’t know why its so exciting to me… oh wait, yes I do, I looove paper! If you love paper, he is worth 5 minutes of your time to check out his cool talents and his passion for paper.


Then I searched #scrapbooking and found the coolest new cutter on the market! Check this out: Cutterpillar This is a video on how it works. The picture below is from 2014, but it shows the cutter in whole. I reached out to them to see if they would make a donation to the raffle table at my upcoming crop (Crop For A Cause Brantford) but I never heard back from them… even a reply of no, would have been thoughtful. Anyhoo, I hope I get the chance to see one of these in action in my area. I won’t buy one if I can’t try it first, it’s not cheap, but looks worth every penny.


And then I found this cool crafter… @thescrappinrabbit Tina Herbeck, such a wonderful person and so talented! She has a blog and a YouTube channel with some cool videos and tutorials. Check her out: TheScrappinRabbit


And lastly,.. down the rabbit hole, I found this site ❤ @humansofny  I made this picture larger for a BIG reason. This site on Instagram showcases everyday people of New York and tells a snippet of their story. I have read a lot of the posts and they are profound and inspirational… a few funny posts as well. If you want a dose of humilty, check out this site. #stayhumble #weareallhuman


Instagram has so much to offer if your someone who is interested in anything and everything. Broaden your search and fall in love with Instagram! I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to read your comments and thoughts. I always wonder if anyone pops in too see whats new with me and my little scrapbook bubble.

Happy Instagramming! Thanks for stopping by, Heather 🙂


About thescrapbookguru

Hi, I 'm Heather. Scrapbooking has been my hobby for two decades! I enjoy every aspect of paper crafting and art mediums in general. I Specialize in creating custom albums. My paper passion is punch art and paper piecing. Feel free to contact me for information on creating something custom and special for you or your loved ones.
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  1. cottagerca says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey, really appreciate all the tips and discoveries

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