Falling In Love With Instagram

Falling In Love With Instagram

Years ago I was introduced to Instagram and created a profile because that was the thing to do. I never quite understood it and as the days turned into month and months turned into years… well, I  moved on with my busy life and never looked back. But then it happened, my little milllienial approached me with her cell phone in hand… “Mum, do you use Instagram?”

 “Use, Instagram?,..Ummm, no I don’t use Instagram” I told her. To which she started sharing cool finds on her Instagram account. My interest was poked for sure.

She then told me I had an account… “say what?”, I quickly tried logging in and presto, there I was from 3 years ago, lol. I’m honestly too young too be so forgetful, but there I sat staring at my 3 posts from 3 years ago.


I quickly put on my rose coloured glasses and gently started down the Instagram rabbit hole. Within losing my first hour on day dreaming through all the cool posts and amazing talents of other people… I was hooked! I was falling in love with Instagram. So I updated my profile picture and posted a picture of what I was working on and got on with my day. The next time I looked, I had hearts and new followers, it was so cool. I ran upstairs to tell my daughter and she wasn’t as impressed as I was… another indicator of the generation gap between us, lol

Where it gets exciting… I mentioned the Instagram rabbit hole earlier. I have found some absolutely amazing people and sites. I want to share what I am loving this week on Instagram with you. Grab your choice of sippy cup and take a stroll down the rabbit hole with me.

My first search was #Paper, it introduced me to @kartegraphik Kip, is a hand cutting extraordinaire! Check out his Instagram profile or website: http://www.kartegraphik.com/ At the moment one of his projects is knitting paper… yes, paper, I can’t wait to see the finished project, I don’t know why its so exciting to me… oh wait, yes I do, I looove paper! If you love paper, he is worth 5 minutes of your time to check out his cool talents and his passion for paper.


Then I searched #scrapbooking and found the coolest new cutter on the market! Check this out: Cutterpillar This is a video on how it works. The picture below is from 2014, but it shows the cutter in whole. I reached out to them to see if they would make a donation to the raffle table at my upcoming crop (Crop For A Cause Brantford) but I never heard back from them… even a reply of no, would have been thoughtful. Anyhoo, I hope I get the chance to see one of these in action in my area. I won’t buy one if I can’t try it first, it’s not cheap, but looks worth every penny.


And then I found this cool crafter… @thescrappinrabbit Tina Herbeck, such a wonderful person and so talented! She has a blog and a YouTube channel with some cool videos and tutorials. Check her out: TheScrappinRabbit


And lastly,.. down the rabbit hole, I found this site ❤ @humansofny  I made this picture larger for a BIG reason. This site on Instagram showcases everyday people of New York and tells a snippet of their story. I have read a lot of the posts and they are profound and inspirational… a few funny posts as well. If you want a dose of humilty, check out this site. #stayhumble #weareallhuman


Instagram has so much to offer if your someone who is interested in anything and everything. Broaden your search and fall in love with Instagram! I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to read your comments and thoughts. I always wonder if anyone pops in too see whats new with me and my little scrapbook bubble.

Happy Instagramming! Thanks for stopping by, Heather 🙂

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Love You So…

Love you so… 

This card was very simple too make but so very important and emotional for me while creating. Especially because I used a double heart punch that I got from my friend MaryAnn.

More than a week ago, Heart and Stroke reached out too me and asked if I would host an All Day Scrapbook Crop in Brantford. The goal, is to do this event annually. Pam at Heart and Stroke told me that this is a very successful event in Niagara Falls and in London. I didn’t have to think long about it, so I said yes. And so…’Crop For A Cause Brantford’ was created. 

Crop For A Cause Brantford ~ In Memory Of MaryAnn Sawkins Hodgson.
The reason I didn’t have to think long… a dear friend of mine ‘MaryAnn’ died in 2009 on June 10th of a massive heart attack. She was introduced to me through my best friend Laura. MaryAnn owned and operated a Scrapbook store in St. George, Ont. called Scrapbook Heaven. She was a mother of 2 little girls and dismissed the signs of the oncoming heart attack. Sadly, this was a preventable loss of such a special life.

MaryAnn and I joked once about how busy life was and how we looked forward to being in Heaven one day, where we would Scrapbook all day everyday and get caught up on our pages and photos… I had no idea just weeks later she would have a heart attack and leave behind her family and friends. 

After receiving the request from Heart and Stroke to do the All Day Crop, I felt inspired to create a card.

I truly loved MaryAnn so… she was a kind soul and I was blessed to have known her, as was everyone who knew her. 

I reached out to our mutual friend Debbie and she booked the hall at her church for June 10th 2017. It was two days later that I realized this was the same day in 2009 when we lost MaryAnn… a coincidence? I don’t think so, divine intervention… yes, I want to believe so ❤

The purpose for today’s post… take the time to tell someone you love them. Better yet, show them! You never know what the future holds.

Thank you for stopping by today, Heather 😊


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DIY Birthday Cards, Cheap? or Priceless?

Are you someone who is lucky enough to get a homemade birthday card when your birthday rolls around? I read an article a long time ago (sorry I don’t have the link), but the point of the article was that; when someone takes the time to create something special for you… it’s priceless! Whether you like it or not. Hand crafted gifts of all kinds are unique and say something very important! “You are so special and mean so much too me, that I have taken time out of my busy life to create this just for YOU!” This is a priceless gift, no matter how big or small. I still have every gift in my hope chest of all the priceless gifts and cards that family and friends have made me over the years and it reminds me how blessed I am ❤

This card was created using #Winnieandwalter stamps. The collection The Big, The Bold and The Happy This card can be purchased at My Etsy Shop. 

For those who would like to re-create the card, here’s how it was made.

Supplies you will need:

  • A Basic White Blank Card
  • A white cardstock mat to inset on the front of the card
  • 3 Balloon die-cuts in white cardstock
  • 9 Star die-cuts in various sizes in specialty paper (I used pearled glitter)
  • 12 3D Adhesive Foam Dots
  • 2 feet of choice ribbon
  • Birthday themed stamps 
  • 3 different coloured Ink pads 
  • Tombow Mono Glue (liquid)

Here’s how to create it:

  1. Stamp birthday sentiment at the bottom of inset cardstock mat.
  2. Start with stamping each balloon with the word ‘happy’ repeatedly, using a different colour of ink on each balloon. (Clean the stamps between each colour). Then smudge up the edges of each balloon with matching ink colour.
  3. Tie and glue ribbon to each balloon and set aside.
  4. Arrange and glue down Star die-cuts.
  5. Glue down flat the back 2 balloon die-cuts to center of card and use a 3D adhesive dots to pop up the 3rd balloon. Adding a tiny drop of glue to the knot to secure into place, over the sentiment.
  6. Add 3 rows of 3 -3D adhesive dots to the back of inset mat.
  7. Adhere inset mat, centred on top of card front.
  8. Decorate matching envelope with same birthday stamp set.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog share. If you create your own card, please feel free to share your link too it below in the comments or on my Facebook Group ‘ The Scrapbook Guru ‘ 

Thanks for stopping by! Heather 😊

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Order Your Unique Framed Custom Paper-Piecing Today!

Over the years I have done many custom projects for many people. I am currently accepting orders now. Send me a private message by email and let me know if you are interested in having something unique and special made just for you.

My specialty is paper-piecing but I also do custom scrapbook albums for people who want a scrapbook but do not want to spend the money on all the tools and/or don’t have the time to actually create the pages.


The above picture shows the customers original photo and the side photos show the paper piecing made from it. The reason the paper doll is standing on a stack of books, is because she was a student at the time and this captured her current experiences, learning during crunch time and partying with friends during her downtime. As we all now, life is about balance… thus, balancing her on a stack of books.

I’m excited to be able to get involved with these custom projects, they bring me a lot of joy when creating them, but more importantly,..when I compete them and hear how happy my customers and friends are when seeing them. This is a unique gift to be cherished for years and years to come. Let me know if you are interested in this special gift for someone you love…or maybe you’d like one of yourself 🙂

Visit my Etsy Shop to place your order: TheSbkGuru

Thanks for stopping by, Heather

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Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

It happens to so many artists, and in all likelihood it’s happened to you too. You start an amazing and creative hobby. You buy your supplies, you invest in your tools… you have big ideas of completing amazing projects. Then Bam, life gets in the way. Something stops you right in your tracks. You get hurt. You get busy. You get tired or burned out. Suddenly the momentum is lost. Then the thought of adding it back into the mix, trying to find a way too juggle it back in seems unbearable. Then  confidence disappears as quickly as it materialized. Time is sometimes not our friend…

As quickly as life can pull you in one direction, it can easily pull you back… With a hobby, it is easy to get pulled back. The original passion that lead you down that creative and colourful path is still there like a smoldering ember…waiting to re-ignite.

Suddenly, you see possibilities that you’ve only had the courage to dream about.


Although I have maintained to dabble here and there, this time feels different. I’ve recently had the opportunity to get back on track with my hobby. Believing this time, I won’t let it take a back seat to life’s mundane everyday struggles. No matter what I will take the time to enjoy something about my hobby everyday… after all it is my life’s passion and where I find my solitude.

Follow me on my journey, who knows where it will take me… and that’s what excites my soul! A World of possibilities awaits me, I don’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore. “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!”.

Cheers! Heather


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DIY Crown Planner Clip

There’s something about a planner that helps me keep my life in order, but the accessories for my planner is what motivates me and makes me happy! Today I am going to share with you how I made my gorgeous Crown Planner Clip. I love it so much, I have decided to sell the extra one I made in My Etsy Shop.

Perfect to mark your book pages, hold cards, photos and so much more!

Check out my gorgeous planner clip! 

Crown Planner Clip2

Here’s how I made it… first I gathered my supplies.

to make crown final

I started with one of my favorite Cricut Cartridges ‘Sophistacated‘ by Teresa Collins. I love, love, love, this cartridge! So many beautiful things can be created with it. If you don’t have it, now is the time to add it to your Cricut collection!. I then gathered up some soft pink velvet paper , scraps of white card stock, some assorted faux pearls and gems, gold foil cardstock and jumbo paper clips. Then grabbed my Tombow Xtreme Adhesive!. I cut my individual Crowns & the Badge Crowns at 2″ and the backgrounds in pink velvet and white card stock at 2 1/4″.  I layered the loose crown behind the crown badge slightly offset to give it a full crown dimension. I then glued the crown badge to the pink velvet paper. I added my gems with Tombow Mono Glue and used my Tombow Extreme adhesive to adhere the paper clip to my crown badge. Finally I added the white card stock to the back of the pink velvet paper to add a nice sturdy backing to my planner clip.

The Finished Crown Planner Clip

crowm planner clip1

 Embellishment Size: 2.25″ Diameter
Clip Size: 3.5″
Total Height: 4.75″ Tall
Design: Fit for a Queen

I hope you enjoyed my post today, thank you for stopping by! Heather 🙂

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Sketch-y Friday with Team B

Recently my friend Danie from ScrappyDoo by Danie, shared Laura Whitaker’s last Sketch-y Friday challenge for ScrapMuch. This was a sweet sketch and I was excited to get started! I have a fun pad of paper by American Crafts by Amy Tangerine, this was a great opportunity to play with brights.

Here is Laura’s Sketch


Here’s my take on Laura’s Sketch


I enjoyed working on this layout of my daughter Maddie. Maddie was 4, turning 5 and becoming very independent. She loved dressing herself in mixed colors and prints… as parents we learn to choose our battles and focus on the more important things, like; How our children are spontaneous and full of wonder. Her sense of humor really blossomed during this time. She was known for always demonstrating what she saw her older brother doing. It was this year (in 2004), she loved pretending to be a Power Ranger, always running around the house with sound effects she also learned from her talented brother!

Thank you Danie, for sharing this sketch with me. Thank you Laura, for coming up with great sketches to inspire us and challenge us!

Thank you for stopping by today 🙂 Heather

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Pion Designs with a Dusty Attic Touch

Hello and Welcome to my Blog…
Today I would like to share a card I made inspired by two leading
Scrapbooking companies with wonderful quality products.
Pion Designs presents a monthly challenge and May’s Photo challenge was so appealing to me, I just had to support and play along with the team.
This Photo truly brings the memories of spring to the for front of ones mind.
As I was visiting all of my favorite sites, the Dusty Attic Chipboard Blog
caught my eye with their Mood Board Challenge.
I found the combination of these two May challenges so pleasurable,
I just had to make a spring card.
Hope you will join me and fellow designers by participating and
supporting these two fine companies.
Dusty Atttic Mini Picket Fence  DA0698
Pion Designs Paper Collections
 Still Mor, For Mother, Klippark PD2314
Minnenas Atelje, Studio of Memories, Bird song PD1503
May Arts Ribbon
Clearsnap Inks
Tombow Adhesive
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Celebrating National Scrapbook Day

I Love National SCRAPBOOKING DAY! To celebrate, Creative Scrapbooker Magazine is having a GIVEAWAY! Read below how you can enter for your chance to win win win!


To enter to win do ONE of the following

  1. Visit them on Facebook – SHARE our National Scrapbooking Day contest post
  2. Visit them on Instagram – Tag a friend under our National Scrapbooking Day contest post
  3. Visit them on Twitter – Re-Tweet our National Scrapbooking Day contest post

After you have done ONE of the above things – comment below on their blog, DONE to be entered to win a 150$ surprise scrapbooking package!  Contest closes Tuesday May 10th at midnight!

Good luck everyone!

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TheSbkGuru Etsy Shop

Well I have finally set up my Etsy Shop! Here you will find handmade cards and creations made by me, using all top quality, acid and lignin free products. Not sure why that is important… I’ll explain. Most paper contains acid. This will damage photos over time and cause them to fade. Most papers also contain lignin, a natural component of wood. Lignin will break down and become acidic over time. Therefore, make sure your paper is acid-free and lignin-free for longest phot or shelf life.

Here’s a sneek peek of one of the items available in my Etsy shop.

 Fishermans Vest 

The Fisherman’s Vest is perfect for anyone in your life who loves to go fishing. The vest is adorned with dramatic, over sized ‘lure’ eye candy! Inside the card is blank for you to customize your message; Great for Birthdays, Special Holidays or even just to surprise your favorite fisherman/woman with this amazing detailed card, just to say “You’re a Great Catch!”. I have had a great response so far and looking forward to expanded my Vest card collection. Half of my cards are already sold, there is only 5 left. If you would like a custom vest card, do not hesitate to contact me and tell me what you would like. The possibilities for this card style are endless!

Thank you for stopping by today 🙂 Heather


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